About Me

Hello, I'm Alexis.
A London mother of two with an urge to keep creative and to document everything.

To this end I've been blogging here at Something I Made since 2010.

I don't know why I have this impulse to record everything but I do, I started out thinking I'd be focused on the things I made. I often start making things (just small things, bits and bobs for the children, cards or gifts for friends) and I thought having a blog where I could show and tell would be a good incentive for me to finish a few more projects.

Gradually however this blog has evolved into a kind of journal, a place where I can record the moments that might otherwise have been forgotten, somewhere to note down things that are inspiring me - from interiors to travel to the places we find on our doorstep. 

Want a little guided tour?  I've spent the morning taking a little trip down memory lane to pick out some of my favourite posts - here is a little taste of what you'll find.


It all started to document the things I make. This is the thing I love most about having a blog. I do random projects and I get to share them somewhere. If I didn't have a blog I think I'd still do random projects - just maybe not quite so many of them:

:: A Graphic T-shirt ::
Because I really want to be a fashion designer when I grow up...

:: Bottled Holiday Keepsakes ::
The kind of thing I do when I can't sleep and get a couple of quiet hours to myself...

 :: I Love Breakfast ::  
One of my all time favourite posts - because I'd never have bothered sellotaping my phone to the ceiling if I didn't have a blog...

:: A Hand Stamped Love Letter ::
A very early post about a labour of love...

:: Coco's Book About Coco :: 
I LOVE making books - and then I document the making of the books on my blog. And so it goes on...

:: My Book About Being 26 ::
See item above re making books!

:: Gocco Christmas Cards ::
Our slightly American family photos christmas cards... with a bit of a difference (I hope). 


There is a hefty dose of stuff about my small people on the blog. From the minutia to the milestones.
These are the posts I really write for myself; for our family. The main reason I blog here is to keep a record of what our life is like now.

:: The 52 Project ::
Photos of my children every week for 2013... (I only managed to get half way in 2014).

:: From Disaster to Eton Mess ::
Just one of those days when things go wrong - and then right. 

:: My Future Shoe Designer :: 
Getting my kids to be my creative outlet, or something. 

:: Cute Boy, Cute Top ::
Just recording things. Trying to freeze the moments.

:: Today ::
And if it's all looking a bit rose tinted - here's the 'reality check' post.


When I started this blog we'd just moved into a project house, I had (and still have) great intentions of sharing lots of before and after posts... there are a few dotted around!

It's an ever evolving space (what home isn't?) so you'll sometimes find my musings and inspirations here too.

:: New/Old Paintings ::
When I got some old paintings, hung them and took photos of them.

:: Floral Pattern Love :: 
Just that really.

:: Me, Kenzo and a Blind Love Affair :: 
The long story of making some blinds for our bedroom. Heartening to me as it shows me that although we are slow, things do get done in the end...

:: A Visual To Do List :: 
... although having said that, most of the things on this list still need doing.

:: At Home Bits and Bobs ::
I used to do a lot of funny posts like this one. I wish I did more as I kind of like reading them myself, plus they sometimes make me like my mess.


The mantlepiece in our kitchen is the place where the clutter gathers, the birthday cards and letters from school are displayed together; it’s the back drop to our family life... ever evolving and changing with the seasons. In March 2013 I edited together a video of a whole year of mantlepiece pictures. As I put on the post “So pleased to have finally done this (made the video)! A big fat tick-off the to-do list... I know, my to-do list is full of strange and pointless tasks. It’s why I have to have a blog - where else could I share this c**p!?

:: The Kitchen Mantlepiece ::

:: Mantlepiece Update :: 
Another very thrilling post about a mantlepiece. Spolier alert... it has before and after photos!


I spend a lot of time just writing about the things we get up to when we are out and about in London, from visits to museums & markets to write ups of our local haunts... it’s our city and we love it unashamedly!

:: Our London School Holidays ::
Fun stuff we did one summer...

:: Kew Gardens ::
We go to Kew a lot - this post is from a trip there last Autumn.
:: The Wool Ride ::
We all cycle - we kind of wanner-be-cool like that...

:: Weekend Breakfast - A Family Campaign :: 
A weekend breakfast at Borough market

:: Food & Fountains ::
Exploring around Granary Square

:: Making Ink at The Whitechapel Gallery ::
Fun at the family day...  

:: Columbia Road :: 
One of many trips to the flower market

And I also occasionally post about trips further from home...

:: Travelling to Morocco with Children ::
I don't blog that much about holidays - kind of feels a bit too much like boasting... but sometimes I think it's nice to share our experience in case it's helpful (sorry - if it all sounds a bit boasty though).

:: Camping at Cloud Farm ::
:: Camping at Wowo :: 
I love camping! Here are a couple of kind-of site reviews. ish.


I have friends with great taste and sometimes they let me snoop around their houses with my camera... I love doing these kinds of posts, I’m just a bit nosy like that.

:: Nisia's House ::
:: Pauline's House ::
:: Annabel's House ::
:: AC's House ::
:: Naomi's House ::