Wednesday 29 October 2014

Autumn Splendour

Yesterday we reveled in the sunshine at Kew Gardens - a full on day of romping, foraging for autumn colour, tree climbing (Coco) and tea drinking (Me).
We were completely exhausted when we got home...

Today we're being autumnal in a different way, keeping cosy indoors (although my shopping list is beside me and means we'll have to venture outdoors at some point...)
With friends around the house is being turned upside-down - children are playing trains and building indoor dens (and right now there are two small boys pretending to be cats at my feet) but it's giving me a bit of peace to create this image of yesterdays treasures (something I really wanted to do - a blatant copy of something I saw by Naomigal on instagram).
I'm waiting for Coco to come and discover it and make her own arrangment...

In the meantime; some further snaps from yesterday.

Looking up to red leaves...

Coco tried to catch a falling leaf, lots of close calls but she didn't quite manage it.

I couldn't get enough of the low sun...

Running girls

... and this total show off tree.
I kept thinking I wish I knew how to capture it all better.

I've got two days left to do my 'styling the seasons' for October... I think these leaves will be featured somewhere!

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