Monday 20 October 2014

Birthday Week Special: 7 Things from 7 Days

My birthday week didn't start out too well. Getting older x that time of the month + bad weather is never going to make for a happy me. I"m quite prone to being a bit happy-being-miserable on these occasions... but really that isn't an option when you have small people who are often much more excited by your birthday than you are; so despite my overly dramatic and grumpy efforts to just CANCEL my birthday I actually went on to have a lovely day... and a pretty good week too - so I'm entering the last year of my thirties in good spirits.

1. On the actual day Hugh took the afternoon off and we went for tea at The Wolseley - a tower of sandwiches, cakes, scones and a couple of glasses of champagne later we wandered through the slightly gloomy Green Park where the children proceeded to collect loads of sticks "for the fire!"... not the best idea when you have to get on a rush-hour tube to get home again.

2. My birthday flowers have been keeping my desk looking cheerful - also I did get the bag and the pegboard on my wish list. This blog really does have it's advantages!

3. On Wednesday I had a rare day out with my Mum. I needed some new jeans so I dragged her along... she is my best shopping partner though, things I buy with my Mum's blessing often become my staples. Plus she even convinced me to buy some non-jeans. I'm still in shock. I now have some black and grey leopard print tracksuit-ish trousers. They are much better than they sound, honestly. We made a pilgrimage to stationery heaven where my Mum bought me my 2015 diary (this has become a bit of a tradition) and I got the cover stamped with my initials - stationery / typeface overload. Quite the birthday treat.

4. Sunday was spent mainly in the pub. A roast, good friends, good conversation and children running riot.

5. I had an evening at The London Review Bookshop in Bloomsbury for the launch of my friends second volume of poetry - What Things Are by Agnieszka Studzinska - She has been writing this collection over the last couple of years - it's her third child in a way. I'm hopefully going to be sharing a piece from the collection on here in the next couple of weeks. 

6. On Saturday we had a bit of a garden session - prepping for winter, putting away the garden furniture and clearing the veg patch. The compost bin is now full to the brim and the veg patch is looking a bit bare. The final harvest of tomatoes and the last courgettes are going to be made into our first every chutney.

7. The mantlepiece with my birthday post... these cards will probably stay up until it's nearly Coco's birthday next month, then it will be Christmas quickly followed by Henry's birthday... suddenly it feels like we are tumbling into winter and yet I don't think these are last of the dahlias.


  1. Ah glad you had a good birthday in the end. I always milk mine to the absolute extreme and this year was no exception! Looks like you had a lovely week. And happy (belated) birthday!! x

  2. This sounds like the perfect week! I hate that feeling when you know you should be happy and enjoying something but can't! Good you were able to shake it off though!