Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Being the Tooth Fairy

We are getting familiar with the tooth fairy here.
Coco has lost three teeth so far - although the tooth fairy has only visited twice; the second tooth was lost in a suspected swallowing incident at another child's birthday party.  I suggested to Coco that she wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining the situation, but she never got around to it. I wasn't going to push it.

I find the deceptiveness of this fairy-lady (like her colleague Father Christmas) quite annoying. On the one hand I don't want to be a boring, practical and say-it-how-it-is parent, but on the other I don't want to be actively deceiving my children, making them believe in something that doesn't exist and basically lying to them. Especially in the face of direct questioning.
I think Coco, at nearly seven, understands this - she actually doesn't often ask direct questions and smiles at me (in what I choose to interperet as a bit of a knowing way) when I throw the question back at her with a "Well, how do you think the tooth fairy knows to come and look under your pillow today?"

The whole process gets more disturbing when I have to find cash and creep into her room late at night. Is it a bit wrong that I feel a slight thrill that I might be caught out being the tooth fairy? There's not a chance, our girl really does slumber very well, yet still I have this frisson - a feeling that makes me vaguely giddy and takes me back to some unmentionable moments from my past. I don't breath as I sneak the tooth out from under her pillow, only allowing myself to inhale again once I'm back on the other side of her bedroom door. Then I find myself standing holding a tooth. Coco was kind enough to put the last one in a bag - not for her squeamish mother of course, but I still appreciated it... But I stand there... "what should I do with it?" I can't have it discovered. Even though I don't think she believes and I don't want to lie.
I stuffed the bagged one in a pot high up on some shelves, but it's not a good hiding place. I need a better one (and it's dangerously close to her letter to Father Christmas from last year come to think of it). Maybe I should booby-trap the whole zone. I remember discovering a slightly gruesome little mother-of-pearl pot of baby teeth on my mothers dressing table once, like little relics to childhood. Little did I know at the time how much angst baby-teeth cause parents, both on their arrival and their departure.

And as for the going rate for a tooth? I think I went in way too high with a nice round shiny pound coin. I got a bit over-excited, but I've made my bed... or maybe when she gets 10p next time I could just shrug my shoulders, it's not my fault; it's up to the Tooth Fairy (she's capitalised now). Although, there have already been a few statements thrown around about the tooth fairies favoritism - she obviously rather likes one of Coco's school friends who got a whole list of gifts.

I need to be more sensible about it all. More considered and definitely a bit more grown up.
A good start would be to actually BOOK THAT DENTIST APPOINTMENT  for her which I've been meaning to do for ages.
Why is it that I put off the simplest of tasks? Especially in this modern internet age where you can simply to a website like Toothpick and just click on a button and it's done.
Then the only thing I have left to do bribe Coco into brushing her teeth a little more thoroughly and eat a few less sticky things.
Maybe I'll tell her the Tooth Fairy won't visit again if she doesn't. That will work.

Toothpick kindly sponsored me to write this post - all thoughts are my own.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Two Photos Seperated by 378 Days

You know how time plays these tricks? Going by so slowly and yet so fast?

I took this photo the other day - it's dark and quite dull (except in that it features these three people I love). Then by accident I discovered that I'd taken almost the exact same photo a year ago.

Years are slipping by and and in some ways they seem indistinguishable... Life is a funny old thing.
That's all.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Styling the Seasons: November

The light today has been bright and low, casting shadows so early. It definitely feels like winter. I tried my best to capture it hitting the mantlepiece in the kitchen for this months #stylingtheseasons challenge.

I missed doing an October post - so I've added some mini squash to this months challenge. I got these yesterday (unfortunately bought, rather than freshly picked from the garden).
Hugh bought the gyp last week for us to spruce up the kitchen for our bonfire night gathering and I made the garland from some of the left over of the leaves we collected at Kew a couple of weeks, the rest are piled up in a box in the kitchen, gently curling and crisping up. 

If you've been here before you'll know I love a bandwagon - so the observer books are a nod to my blogging and instagram friends. The insects one was part of an invitation sent by Katy & Charlotte to join the styling the seasons event at Liberty, the architecture one was the only one of many we used to have that my parents could find at their house. What happened to the others is a mystery. I may have to do some loft exploration when I next visit their house.

Feathers and fur cones and beautiful sticks and leaves. I've really enjoyed out autumn foraging this year and I like the seasonal feel of the mantlepiece - next week it will be back to it's normal clutter chaos I expect - for the moment that is all out of shot on the kitchen table. 

Next month it will all be about the C word. Better get making...

Monday, 10 November 2014

Last Week: 7 things from 7 days

Considering I was house bound for the majority of last week I'm amazed I've managed to find so much to report on... but you know, online shopping, instagram and the like keep me very busy...

1. Last Monday started early, I was in hospital by 7am... I had a pretty straight-forward knee operation which I've been putting off for ages, but as is so often the case it really wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be...

2. I bought myself some pj's from The Bright Company (their first adult size pj's) to aid my recovery, *ahem*. Considering I've been sleeping in a rotation of the same two t-shirts since I was about 18 this felt like quite a radical move.

3. Yesterday I managed to hobble along to Liberty to do some seasonal crafting with a great bunch of fellow bloggers... watch this space for multiple Liberty print crafts in the near future. I was very inspired by all fabrics, loads bits & bobs (technical term!) from new online shop The Homemakery & mostly by the other people around the table who were all busy creating lots of Christmassy pretty things.
If you have the time make a cuppa and have a browse around these blogs - lots of creative women; Lotts & Lots, Apartment Apothecary, Growing Spaces, Lapin Blu, Lobster & Swan, Circle of Pine Trees, Little Green Shed, The Villa on Mount Pleasant, Geoffrey & Grace, Daisy Fay, Hannah in the House, Made by Molu

4. I was inspired by Charlotte (& her new blog -  it's so good to have her back in blog-land) to buy some marbling inks for the children (honest!) and we did a load of marbling on Saturday morning - (with me still in my new jim-jams). The results were great and to say they LOVED it would be an understatement.

5. Coco had her last night in her toddler bed (and Henry is his modified cot - yep, he's nearly four and still in a cot - be it with the side taken off) we finally bit-the-bullet and got them bunk-beds. I think I'm as excited as they are... also means we need to do a full room makeover, naturally.

6. The final toffee apple! We did it and they were delicious. I couldn't resist cutting a sprig from my apple tree today to set up this shot though... I'm just a faffer like that.

7. And finally, a proud parent moment. Coco announced on Saturday that she wanted to make a stew all by herself. Why she decided it would be a stew? Who knows... but we looked in recipe books together and she chose to make a beef and ale pie. And she did it, pretty much all by herself. In fact she got a bit annoyed when anyone tried to help her; except with cutting onions, she was quite happy for me to cut the onions after she got teary and cut herself with a sharp knife! I thought she'd quit right then (after about 5 minutes) but she persevered and the pie was delicious. She was rightfully pretty pleased with herself too.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Feathers. Just Feathers

I seem to be seeing feathers everywhere at the moment and I'm getting a bit obsessed. Instagram is full of them, as is blog land - Lou made a lovely feather garland for Seeds and Stitches, Heather made her daughter a feather crown. I (temporarily) got a feather tattoo.

We popped into the natural history museum the other day after school (as you do... there are upsides to living in the big smoke) and even though we were in the Volcano galleries the one 'fact' I came away with is that flamingo feathers are only pink due to the algea that they eat which is toxic and so seeps out and basically dyes their feathers pink. They had some flamingo feathers on display to illustrate this point. Which is basically the only reason I read it.

I want some feathers (and ideally not just pigeon feathers - which are the only ones the children seem to find)!

Feather Wall Art - Via Pinterest
Watercolours from SnoogsandWilde on Etsy
Fake Tattoo by Jen Mussari available from Tatly
Vintage Arrows - found on Etsy

Top image is a free downloadable from The Graphics Fairy.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Green Leaves for Winter... Thinking about House Plants

Despite trying at various times, I've never managed to get on with house plants. My green-fingered sister practically grew a jungle on the 17th floor of a tower block, meanwhile I was struggling to keep one peace lily alive. Well, it did stay alive for a long time actually, it just never really looked very good, and I'm the type of person that needs things to look good... it's just the way I am.

However back in Design Week I went along to the New Craftsman shop in Mayfair (thanks to a good tip off from Ruth of A Planned Adventure) and I snapped some photos of their collection of house plants and since then I've been thinking how I'd actually quite like to try again and have a few house plants.

A couple of weeks after I took these (above) I wandered into Abigail Ahern's shop in Islington.

Now here's a bit of a confession: I quite like fake flowers. Those fake ones that look so real that you need to touch them so you can feel the truth. The flowers in Abigail's shop are like that - and she had an amazing collection of fake house plants - the ferns and sedums particularly caught my eye.

So the long and the short of it is that I'm tempted.  I could achieve a look I like with no maintenance (except dusting, which I admit is quite a downside). I know where I'd house my collection - it wouldn't be too obvious, they'd be out of reach and would hide another eyesore so would serve a purpose in that way.
Have I gone mad? Or is it ok to want to fake it?

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Planning Bonfire Night

remember remember the 5th of november - bonfire night party - alexis at

We are in party planning mode as we are having a few of our neighbours over for a bonfire night party this week.
I've just lost a few hours on Pinterest making plans...

Bonfire night party planning - food -

Now my mouth is watering... we are going to make pulled pork (image via Delicious Magazine) with a nice crunchy slaw. We'll be using the our normal Jamie recipe to make mulled wine (image is of mulled cider which I might have to try another time).

For sweet treats I've finally convinced Hugh that we should make toffee apples - this amazing toffee apples image is via Miss Food Wise - I love the idea of using real apple tree twigs for sticks, I think we'll try the salted caramel toffee apples recipe from the latest issue of Simple Things Magazine, and if time allows I might get around to trying this treacle tarts recipe (via Bakingdom).

Before Coco went to bed this evening she went and delivered our invitations - we modified our board of autumn treasure from our trip to Kew last week and I added some type in...

Bonfire night party invitation -

I must say, having initially been so negative about the onset of autumn and winter I've actually really enjoyed the last few weeks... half term was great, Halloween bought an almost carnival type feel to our road and now we've got bonfire night and I'm tentatively starting to think about Christmas... although of course we've got Coco's birthday to plan first. Yep, autumn you're not so bad after all. 

PS I just had a little trip down memory lane reading my post from after our bonfire night party two years ago... time feels like it's going so fast. Too fast!