Thursday 4 February 2016

05/52 A Portrait A Week 2016

I hardly got my camera out last week it seems which leaves me with very little choice of photos - but actually this snap of Coco taken on my phone is a good record of her right now. It was taken after her school assembly. She raided the dressing up box and my wardrobe for her 'outfit' (I think I'm resigned to giving her this old Topshop poncho that I never wear but she seems to love). Considering how much I like making things I'm pretty awful when it comes to costumes, so I'm quite happy for her to concoct them herself... and luckily so is she. Watching her assembly is always very heart warming and I often find myself on the verge of tears (the teachers know what they are doing - last year I heard her teacher bragging that she 'even had the Dads in tears') her class has a lovely bond and seeing them growing together is something quite special.

For Henry it's another one at the kitchen table - it's not often where he is, but maybe it's where he is most still? He got given a water filter experiment kit for his birthday and he had been bugging us to do it all week so finally on Saturday morning we mixed up some dirty water from the garden and Hugh sat with him to 'experiment'. It's safe to say he LOVED it. I wonder if/when he'll grow out of his water obsession?

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