Friday 3 July 2015

Styling the Seasons: July - Faffing with Sweetpeas

I'm so fickle when it comes to the flowers in my garden. In January I'm loving hellebores and they are DEFINITELY my favourite... but then come the tulips, then the alliums and the huge bearded iris and I cannot choose which is my favourite between them. But currently I'm in love with the sweetpeas. They are just beautiful in their abundance, their delicacy and their scent. I'm not totally happy with the colours I planted this year, the pink is a little too coral and the purple a little too light, but still, right now they are my favourites (just until the agapanthus come out)!

As they are busy doing their thing I'm dutifully cutting a bunch of them everyday (the more you cut the more they flower).... and I can't help snapping a picture every time. My camera roll is full of sweetpeas.

For this months styling the seasons post I decided it was about time my kitchen mantlepiece had a little comeback so I filled it with flowers from the garden.
Yes, it's totally over the top... but I can only do this once a year... or maybe twice if my dahlia's start to get a move on!


I made a stop motion video while I was faffing. I'm kind of having a love affair with video right now and have always loved a bit of stop motion/time lapse or whatever the proper name for it is.Enjoy!

Mantlepiece - Faffing with Sweetpeas from Alexis Allan on Vimeo.

Styling The Seasons is a monthly challenge run by Katy and Charlotte - anyone can join in - just show an area in your home styled to show what the season/month means to you.

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  1. How totally brilliant! Obviously love the mantelpiece full of sweet peas but the video is fab, too! Love it x