Thursday 16 October 2014

My Visual To Do List

Some bits and pieces from around the house this morning...
A sort of visual to-do list.

The bookshelves need a bit of a sort and tidy - it's time to get rid of some baby books.
These blue butterflies have been stuck up here for years - they were going to be a mobile for a friends baby. He is about to be four.
Need a notebook? Now you know where to find one.

It's time to pack away our summer attire I think. No need for sun hats for a few months...

After my post about my great aunt Hilda's paintings my Dad found this poppy painting by her on Ebay for a tenner! Need to reframe and hang it - along with the other little one beside it.
Also - this cabinet. We've had it for almost a year and it needs some love. I have vague, grand and not entirely formulated plans for it - but I'm not quite sure how and where to start.

 This lamp stand was a bargain, but it needs a shade...

Do you have a stash of things that need fixing in your house? This Chinese Checkers board needs to be added to ours... I have romantic notions of sitting by the fire and play back-gammon and Chinese Checkers with Coco this winter.

And then there's the garden, so much to do out there; and the windows that need cleaning too. Oh I do spoil you all with these photos of shade-less lamps and dirty windows.


  1. I love that idea ! And the pictures ! (to do lists are so boring !)

  2. Oh my god, our list of house stuff is ridiculous at the moment, but I guess that's what you get from deciding to renovate your home! That cabinet is amazing though, one day when we've got enough space I'd love to fill one with treasures! Love seeing little glimpses of your home x