Wednesday 2 July 2014

Finding Wallspace for our New Vintage Flower Paintings

Flower painting by Hilda Waller photo by Alexis at

There are lots of artists in my family... on all three sides (it's complicated... aren't all families?) but of all of them it's aruguably my Granny's sister, Hilda Waller, who was the most successful; exhibiting in her time at the Royal Acadamy summer exhibition. I grew up feeling so familiar with her paintings - we had ones at home and pretty much all of my relatives had them too.

Recently my mothers cousin, Hilda's daughter, had a bit of a clear out and she had some paintings that she wanted to sell - so Hugh and I decided to give a couple of them homes here.

Flower painting by Hilda Waller photo by Alexis at

We chose two paintings. This is one of them - dahlias and chrysanthemums which I just LOVE against the green smoke background in our sitting room. We had it in our bedroom for a while but it eventually found it's way back downstairs again and I'm pretty sure this is where it will stay for a while. It's quite nicely complimented by my pots from Anthropologie (which they are still stocking 5 years after I originally got them - they must sell very well; our animal heads are also from Anthro).

Flower painting by Hilda Waller photo by Alexis at

The clock was also an Anthropolgie purchase - it's designed by Molly Hatch who I'm quite a fan off (we have a vase, a mug and some little trinket dishes by her too - all from Anthro). The wood-cut to the left was my present to Hugh for his thirtieth birthday; and on the right....

Flower painting from Vintage flower painting website photo by Alexis at

... this painting was quite a random online purchase from Vintage Flower Paintings an online shop run by Lisa Brown  - who has quite an eye for mid-century flower paintings. It's quite a small piece and it's been hard to find it a home that isn't just tucked away somewhere... which I don't want; so it's found it's way back to the mantlepiece for the time being... when Hugh is watching cycling on the tv I can just look at my nice paintings instead. What a life eh.

Flower painting by Hilda Waller photo by Alexis at

Above the sofa we have another of Hilda's paintings - this one was at my parents office, then their house. My parents have a lot of pictures and occasionally do a shift around and somehow during one of their re-hanging sessions this lost it's place and found it's way to our house instead. 

Flower painting by Hilda Waller photo by Alexis at

Finally this is the second recent Hilda acquisition... which after spending a few months leaning against various walls is now hanging in the bathroom. When we first got it daffodils were in full bloom... I'm not generally a fan of yellow flowers, but daffodils are an exception, their arrival marking the end of winter is always something to celebrate.

Flower painting by Hilda Waller photo by Alexis at

It feels quite funny in some ways having these paintings in my house. They are very much of an era; and a few years ago I would never have imagined wanting to have them in my home (you know; when I was a young-loft-living wannabee). But things change - I love having an eclectic mix of things; each with it's own story and special meaning to me. My taste has evolved a little since we moved to this house... plus with the family connection and the quality of the paintings themselves I'm very happy we have them. They belong here now.


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  1. I have a Hilda Waller oil painting dated 1949 and I would like to find out a little more about the artist. I have looked online and can only find information indicating she was British and had an exhibit in Suffolk at the Walker Art Gallery in 1924. Can you tell me more about her and if her paintings are valuable? I have no intention of selling it but am just curious.
    Thank you
    Sandra M