Thursday 19 January 2012

Decorating: the fun bit?

Over the last few months of building & decorating work I've spent a lot of time shifting our stuff around the house (and suffered a lot of frustrating moments looking for things that I've moved).
Now, finally, our belongings can find the spaces where they will stay.

So I'm experimenting with things... like this bird print that I love by Fred Tomaselli and these new vases that I just couldn't resist from Anthropologie.
I think they make quite nice companions. For now.


  1. Wow look at those vases - fantastic! I'm envious that's the best bit placing things, so rewarding!

    1. I know they are great aren't they (and surprisingly cheap for Anthro' I thought...)

  2. I love the vases so much! When I read your post yesterday, I "ran" to the website and almost ordered the blue one... but then I thought it would be better to wait for my birthday nex month... I love the British elegance and surrealist feeling about them. The bird print is beautiful too.