Tuesday 10 January 2012

In the Danger Zone

You might be hearing a lot about Henry in the next few days as he is one on Thursday (tomorrow)!
At the moment he is very mobile and interested in everything, especially if there is an element of danger. His favourite hang-out is on the stairs. Once at the top he either likes to slide back down (feet first) on his tummy, or make a run for the bathroom and have a quick look down the loo, ideally dropping something in there for good measure.

If Coco is around and I'm, for example, just sneaking a look at my email, I get a running commentary.

Mummy, Henry's in the fire
Mummy, Henry's at the top of the stairs
Mummy, Henry's got your phone
Mummy, Henry's in your cupboard
Mummy, Henry's playing with the plug



  1. Love it! This week I've found two necklaces, my glasses cleaning cloth and some lip balm in the kitchen bin. I'm just thankful he hasn't discovered the toilet a la Henry.

  2. Hehe, so familiar! Have a lovely first birthday celebration. Bertie’s second is in two weeks tomorrow. And like above comment - it’s the bin in our house...things are often posted in there, oh and the washing machine. I always have to check for plastic animals before putting on a load! :)
    p.s. Happy New Year! I’ve been reading yet awful with my comment leaving. Your living room looks amazing, and I can’t believe it looked like that so quickly...well done! x

  3. I just read Madeline's comment: so my son is not the only little boy who likes lipstick ;)

  4. Well done Henry, your Mum just threw herself through the air all the way downstairs... in a three storey town house.
    Love all the photos. Henry 3 to 11 months is my new screensaver
    doting Grandma!