Wednesday 28 December 2011

Christmas Round Ours...

Our Christmas has finished, we waved off the last of our guests last night. Shutting the front door our house suddenly felt very empty. Then we collapsed in front of the fire with some wine and Christmas cake.

Our enforced deadline worked and we got there in the end with our sitting room.

This was Christmas eve morning (three coats of floor varnish, just dry).

But by the time Santa had delivered the presents we'd got furniture in and a tree up (thanks to lots of help from Hugh's brother and sister-in-law). Even if we were putting curtains up at 1am on Christmas morning.

It's been hectic, beef wellington, turkey, ham (a yummy Jamie ham recipe), we didn't even get around to Christmas pudding, mainly thanks to Hugh's brother cooking a fab alternative lemon and passion fruit roulade pudding from Nigel Slater, and mountains of cheese and mince pies.

Coco trying out a new Christmas present while wearing her (pretty hideous) Cinderella dress... I put aside my taste for a while for her present, and she loved it, insisting on wearing it everyday. My mum got her some pink glitter shoes which have been equally popular.

There's a lot of my sister's Christmas cake left...

Snowflake decorations... very similar to Anabelle's.

We've got to an age where we receive lots of edible gifts...

A basket of opened presents waiting to be put away... including Hugh's new Rhino head to add to the collection (a present to him that really I wanted, cheeky, I know).

I didn't take nearly enough photos, (didn't get any of my hand-made crackers, or presents being opened). Hosting Christmas is hard work. Respect to all the old hands out there. It was wonderful to be able to do it though and to have our house full of family for four days.

Hope you all had a great time.


  1. Oh it's an absolutely beautiful room!!! So grown up and gorgeous... a room made for christmas. Love the colour and sooo jealous of your ercol tables! Merry Christmas! Lou xx Oh and I've pinned your room! x

  2. That wall colour is lush, especially with the olive chairs. Happy Christmas!

  3. Well done! All finished and looking fabulous :)

  4. oh your Christmas tree looks wonderful and your home also .Looks like you had a great Christmas

  5. What a great Chrsitmas it seems! Alexis, your sitting room looks AMAZING!!! great job! I'm sure you guys are going to have beautiful moments there! Love your snowflake decorations ;)
    Happy new year and best wishes for you and your family.
    By the way, Florina had the same taste as Coco for Cinderella dresses... can't help it :)

  6. I love the color. I would never picked such a deep green but it works so well..

  7. Ohh, the room looks truly amazing! <3 The green walls compliment the Christmas tree oh-so perfectly!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  8. Dear Alexis
    Just wanted to say your room looks lovely in that dark green. We are thinking of painting our front room in this shade and wondered how you feel about it a year on? How does it work in the summer? It's for our small sitting room so it's a bit of an evening/cuddle up room and it looks like it's smaller than your room so we're hoping it's not going to feel too dark. Our floor is going to be wooden, maybe a bit darker than yours, though I hope it is just as shiny! We don't have a fireplace as such so are going for a hole in the wall gas fire. Love your blog!
    All the best

  9. Just wondered if you know what varnish (make and colour) you used on the floorboards?