Thursday 18 November 2010

Our new (non)furred friends

Every now and then as an Urban Outfitters employee I get a bit of an extra discount at Anthropologie; which is where I recently bought these two beauties!
They were meant for Coco's room but I love them so much that I've put them above my desk - they'd probably cast enormous looming shadows in the middle of the night that would be sure to scare a nearly-three-year as well (good excuse)?
When I saw the display in the Regents Street store I literally gasped out loud I was so excited. I'd been looking for some fake trophies for a while; am in love with the ones below by Emily Warren (first seen via Shelf). Am saving for the bear, or fox, or hare... hmmmm can't decide.

Seems to be a little mini-trend for animal heads as I've since seen felt lamb heads made by Andy Cordy in Abode in Chiswick, who also stock a wicker bull's head on their website.
All a little bit more my style than the real thing which I feel really would spook me in the middle of the night.

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