Tuesday 23 November 2010

A lot of work for one little three year old!

I got slightly over excited in the crafting department for Coco's birthday. I made these goody bags from left-over lining fabric and used some transfers from the Mike Perry 'Iron Me On' book to personalise them - I know, probably wasted on three-year olds, but I couldn't resist.

Other faff, including a month-by-month banner of Coco's life so far* and the loot for the party bags which included colour-in cards based on the guests names, an edible digital watch (was pretty chuffed with finding those) a cookie cutter and some chocolate money.

The cup cakes in their tea cup bake-ware from Urban Outfitters and the 'picnic' boxes. Despite having her birthday in mid-November Miss C had requested a picnic for her party.

Finally - can you guess what we gave her!?

Thanks go to; Eric for cake baking, Iain and Grandma for picnic box assembly and Mel for bike wrapping!

* Three hours well spent in the hospital waiting room!


  1. This stuff is amazing, you should open a shop/boutique :)


  2. My birthday is in June...;)
    x Alexia

  3. I'll start work now! I must say, I think we should bring back party bags for the more appreciative 20-somethings.

  4. Thanks Alexis for the 20-something!I appreciate!