Friday 26 November 2010

A morning in Brixton...

Spent a pleasant morning in Brixton - best described as mooching around.
Before my sister opted for chickens and a life in rural Wales she used to work at a veggie cafe called Cafe Pushkar in the market - this is long gone, and I can't really remember spending much time in Brixton since those days (late 1990's!?). The market still has an amazing range of veg and meat stalls but in addition there are some seriously tempting shops and an array of very photogenic cafes. Unfortunately I only have a few iphone photos to show for my morning, was too busy browsing and eating delicious food.
Above Cornercopia (full for lunch unfortunately) and Federation. No photos of my lovely lunch at Rosie's Deli either.
I'll be back and will take my 'proper camera' next time.

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