Thursday 11 November 2010

Paperless Post - A Fireworks Invitation

Our house has a great view of the fireworks at Chiswick Park and this year we invited a few local friends round to enjoy the view from inside, rather than having to endure frozen fingers and toes and crowds of people (although, maybe that is just part of the fun of Guy Fawkes Night)?

It was also a good excuse for me to use try out the Paperless Post website where you can make a posh-looking e-card. In mere minutes you make and send your invitation/card and then you can manage your guest list online. My invitation felt like it was as near to Smythson stationery as I'm going to get - until I become a 'proper' grown up - quality looking envelopes (even with lining paper), traditional type-faces, speaking as someone who has a slightly unnatural obsession with stationery I think they do a good job.

I've a feeling that the party is going to become an annual event - having a bonfire in the garden, kids running around and causing mayhem due to all being up way past their bedtime, hearty food* and mulled wine**... and a free firework display. Yep, it was fun.

*Hotdogs and minestrone soup followed by my first attempt at treacle tarts (not that good - but I got some advice from the Just Deserts man at the market on the weekend; so I'll be practicing for next year!)

**For the mulled wine 'we' (H) used a Jamie recipe with very good results.

FINALLY - thanks to Rob for the great firework photos!

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  1. Hi Alexis- That is fine to put some pictures on your blog. Great firework pictures by the way! Emily