Wednesday 10 November 2010

My new workspace

A window of opportunity is briefly open. My maternity leave has started, so for the moment this is my new workspace (thanks to the girls at work for the flowers)! I've - hopefully - got two months until our lives are turned upside-down by the arrival of baby #2. My to-do list is unrealistically long, improving this desk area is somewhere quite high up.
And yes, I'm going to clear up my desktop too.


  1. Will your desk always be so tidy? if so could you write a list of ways to keep it so tidy. I think you need to pop round mine and take a picture of my desk and we could compare what a desk says about you.

  2. Hi Alexis,
    How do you get the lovely vintage effect on your photos? Is it a setting on your camera or do you do it afterwards in Photoshop?

  3. Hi Sophie,
    I use photoshop to edit my pictures - I have a free little 'action' that I got from a flickr user that auto edits photos and then you can tweak them. You can get it here: