Tuesday 13 December 2011

A gift for Mila & A gift for George

Earlier this year my friends had a beautiful baby girl... I made her some letters as a welcome gift.

I saw Mila the other day and I commented on how much like her older brother George she looked while she was sleeping. The really sad thing is, she will never meet her older brother.

Very tragically George died after a rare and very sudden illness at just 14 months old. He was such a lovely little boy with a great personality; him and Coco used to play together, the last time we saw him they were both toddling and were chasing each other around my parents house.

Lucky for Mila she has two very strong and positive parents. Mark and Emily set up a charitable foundation in George's name and they really channel the love they had for George into the foundation which supports some brilliant projects.

For parents, I know hearing this makes them hug their children a little tighter... no one knows what is around the corner and having one of my worst fears come true for a friend has been horrible. It's made me realise how hard it can be to be a good friend. Supporting The George Oliver Foundation is one way I can help my friends, and to keep the memory of a gorgeous little boy alive.
If you'd like to give to the foundation they have a website and they are also having a Christmas Ebay Auction of gifts they've had donated to them (xmas shopping and charitable donation in one go)!

Our heart strings are pulled a lot around the Christmas period, but it is a bitter sweet time for many and just purely depressing for some... which also makes it a good time to share some love around.


  1. Oh gosh how sad. Ed is just about 14 months and I just can't imagine losing him. I will definitely check out their foundation. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is very touching and heartbreaking... Very often I think of how it would be if I lost my baby, I would be devastated, broken, I don't have words... I admire these parents so much, and you are right: Mila is lucky to have them. Thanks for sharing. I'll keep thinking of George.

  3. What an amazing couple! Gosh that really did tear at my heart, it’s just so unbearable to envisage, and like you say, makes you cling that little bit tighter to your little ones. Thoughts with them too.