Monday 12 December 2011

Half Way to Christmas...

12 open windows on our advent calendar, 12 baubles on the 'tree'

This is the advent calendar that I failed to make this year.
But lucky for me, I love buying advent calendars.

This one seemed to be a one off in the shop and it wasn't until I took it out of the cellophane on the 30th November that I realised that each window is actually a detachable bauble, so you can put a string through the punched hole and hang it up...

So I needed something to hang the baubles on. I got a few strange looks loading up the buggy with twigs on the way back from dropping Coco at school (and my neighbour who I was with did her best to act as if this was totally normal behaviour).

Big of bling spray paint and... ta da!
Needless to say this didn't all really get pulled together until about the 5th December.

I like the idea of keeping the baubles for next year
I'll never be organised enough to have a tree up on the 1st December, so maybe this will be the next best thing? Maybe a family advent tradition has been born?
We'll see.

There is nothing else Christmassy in the house yet... we just have builders dust instead! No presents bought, let along wrapped. It's going to be a hectic couple of weeks. Did I mention that we are hosting for my family this year!?

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  1. What beautiful advent calendars you find, why make one when you've got such a good eye for finding them!