Tuesday 20 December 2011

[Not] A Pretty Picture

Four days to Christmas and our sitting room still looks like this, can you sense my rising panic...

On the bright side it is painted.

If we ever get around to getting a tree it will be camouflaged against these walls... Farrow & Ball Green Smoke for our grown up room.

I can't quite believe we haven't had a sitting room since June 2009 when we moved out of our old flat, if we're in here on Christmas day then it will be fantastic.

I don't want to clutter my blog with messy photos (some part of my life needs to keep it's rosy glow) but be assured there are a few more places in our house like this.

Of course the last thing I should be doing right now is blogging...


  1. Alexis, hang on! First of all this green is beautiful (I love Farrow&Ball) and your room will look amazing once it's ready. Now, true it must be very stressful, I would be hysterical! Can't wait to see a picture without the mess :) We have some really messy spots in our apartment too, don't worry you're not alone ;)

  2. The green looks amazing! Ill come round next week and inspect it all for myself

  3. WOW what an amazing colour!! I was too boring and went with white, your room just looks so grand. Incredible fire place. Yes crack on, it will be worth it... ;-) Lou xx

  4. We've been there before! You'll be fine, I'm sure you'll get it looking fab for Xmas even if you then move everything around again in the new year when you have more time ; ) Love the colour!

  5. We were feeling a bit worried about the dark colour - but very pleased we went for it now!
    Lou - I'll post more pics of the fireplace soon, as it has been somewhat a labour of love!
    I am (secretly) happy about having to rush it all for Christmas; otherwise we'd have never got it together!

  6. This looks so familiar! I'm kinda happy that we're not the only ones who lived without a living room for years...we bought our house in 2007 and only now everything is nearly done. Still LOTS of finishing ups to do. But hey, I guess that's how it goes when you work, have babies,... I was stunned by the after shot! It looks soo beautiful!!