Tuesday 6 December 2011

Two Room Living

While we keep out of the way of the builders all four of us are sleeping in one room, along with piles of random stuff that we moved out of the way in a hurry (nothing is ever done in advance in this house).

The last couple of days I've been feeling a bit like a prisoner in my own home, hiding out in the kitchen with a soundtrack of power tools filling the rest of the house.
Every time I open the kitchen door there is a flurry of dust. Henry keeps making escape attempts. He's getting pretty quick too. I missed him once and he got covered in wood shavings in a millisecond.

But things are happening, and I'm keeping the faith. People keep asking me where we are going to put our tree, 'why the sitting room of course' (currently filled with tools, materials and very much undecorated, and more vitally unheated).

We may be putting the tree up at 11pm on Christmas eve, but there's nothing like a deadline to keep up momentum.


  1. It's just like an episode of Grand Designs trying to get things finished before Christmas! The suspense! Doesn't sound too fun though.

  2. Even your one bedroom living photograph manages to look glamourous! X

  3. Believe me, it didn't feel very glamourous!