Friday 1 March 2013

At Home - A little bit of Nature

Some photos of bits around the house - inspired by Lou's 'Nature in the Home' series.

These hydrangeas were given to me on my birthday last October, but have dried out nicely - feels a bit 80's having dried flowers...

Kitchen mantlepiece close up - never as tidy as the siting room fireplace (top photo). Two flower gifts, one little xmas poinsettia from our neighour and a white cyclamen bought home from a January wedding.

Left: I don't get on with pot plants, the polar opposite of my sister who just needs to look at a pot plant and it grows so high it hits the ceiling. This one in the bathroom looks particularly sad in an un-cared for kind of way, but I can't bare to throw out as I was given it by a friend when I had an operation 10 years ago and now I have some weird sentimental/supersticious feelings about it.

Right: Some agapanthus that are temporarily sheltering from all the winter weather.

A cheat - but a version of the real deal we'll hopefully be seeing this summer when the agapanthus flower. This painting is by Sarah Bowman (as I wrote about here).


  1. Oh lovely! I have that Bold and Noble print - it's a beauty. Thanks for joining in Alexis. Will you add your blog to the link? Have a lovely weekend. xx

  2. Thanks hun for adding it! Hope you will join in this week xx