Wednesday 6 March 2013

09/52 A Portrait a Week

Henry: Helping himself to a knife from the drawer so that he can put pretend "BU'ter" on his pretend toast.

Coco: Reading me one of her school books while I take her picture (mummy-blogger-multitasking). I'm quite amazed by this process of learning to read - it seems so complex and hard and yet she is really just getting it. Our lovely friend brought an armful of clothes over for Coco last week (thank you very much Annabel!) and so we've been getting mini fashion shows every night, clashing combinations of tops, skirts and dresses. Oh yes, and she wants to have 'pigtails',  bunches are what pigtails where called in the olden days, apparently.

Last week Jodi (who started this project) asked people to highlight photos they like from the project and share a bit of blog love around. It's becoming a bit of a routine for me to look at a few of the blogs I regularly read on a Sunday night and see their project 52 portraits (yeah, most people manage to get them up on Sunday - mine are slipping to later and later each week...)
Here are the ones I look forward to - full of children I've never met (except for Stanley) but feel like I know in some strange way, such is this blogging world that has taken me by suprise with it's fantastic community.
So - there are the little ones that are so similar-yet-different to Henry: Theo at Abigail's blog and Stanley over on Sarah's blog. Lou's boys are bigger, but Rufus is the same age as Coco. Phinny over at Nell's blog seems to be growing up fast, wasn't it just yesterday I was reading about her first few weeks? And ditto Amelie on Josie's blog.  Plus I feel like I'm getting to know little Bo over at Inked in Colour and Laura's two boys at Circle of Pine Trees and Anna's two small people at Green Tea and Toast.


  1. Thanks for the mention! Lovely portraits again this week and love the mummy-blogger multitasking, there is a lot of that around here too. :)

  2. so sweet! I love this project as it gives a real glimpses into everyones lives (like looking into peoples houses in the street when they leave the curtains open...) each week. Thanks so much for the mention though! I do the regular rounds to to check out everyone 52 posts, i love it! xx