Tuesday 19 March 2013

2012 on my kitchen mantlepiece

I'm not quite sure how or why I got quite so obsessive about documenting the mantlepiece in our kitchen, but it turns out I took a lot of photos of it last year.

Only the most exciting ones made the cut for the blog (here), but now I'm going to bore you with a whole lot more.
Continuing on the new video theme (been losing my temper with iMovie pretty regularly)... here is a review of our 2012 via the medium of the mantelpiece, plus a whole lot of clutter.

2012 on the Kitchen Mantlepiece from me on Vimeo.

So pleased to have finally done this! A big fat tick-off the to-do list... I know, my to-do list is full of strange and pointless tasks. It's why I have to have a blog - where else could I share this c**p!?