Monday 25 March 2013

12/52 A Portrait a Week

We had a bit of a bumper birthday party weekend, the perfect opportunity for a bit of party behaviour observation!

Coco  - She loves parties - or the idea of parties, although maybe one of the things she enjoys most is wearing her party shoes, but once she gets there she watches what is going on cautiously. She often seems to be playing on her own and treats all activities with a little air of suspicion. She normally gets into the swing of things just as the party is about to end.

Henry - It's all about the food - especially cake. "I love the cakes" he told me at the party. Today he's been singing Happy Birthday to Otto in his cot before his nap time and has looked at the photos with me, mainly pointing out the ones of the birthday cake. Like Coco, he doesn't particularly join in and yesterday a good proportion of time was spent eating.

Last week this photo from Laura's blog 'The Monster and Me' caught my eye - I'm beginning to get this kind of look from Henry a lot too.

Taking part in Jodi's 52 project.

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  1. Henry is quite correct - parties are all about the cake. I refer anyone to the documentary evidence of me and cake at a similar age.