Wednesday 29 February 2012

Sarah Bowman - The Rite of Spring

If I could go out tonight, and if I was anywhere near Totnes in Devon, I would go to the opening of Sarah Bowman's new exhibition.

When we were young and had disposable income (those hazy days) we bought a Sarah Bowman painting at the Affordable Art Fair. We did what you do when you buy a car or sofa and paid for the painting in monthly installments (via the fantastic own art scheme).

Owning a painting, an original that no-one else has is a lovely thing; and I could gaze at this picture for hours, it's my 'country' window - opposed to the train-track view from my real windows. Hugh and I have spent a lot of time in Cornwall; right from when we first got together, and it was very much a joint decision to buy the picture - unlike many other pictures we have that are either his or mine. (The is a rather sedated way of saying I LOVE THIS PICTURE).

For more photos of the painting in situ go here.

I like this wintery scene, very evocative of January days with the low Winter sun. There is definitely room for another Bowman* in this house... just not the budget right now.

*Strictly, we do actually have another Bowman, as we have a painting by Vanessa Bowman, Sarah's sister - which I'll have to share in another post...

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  1. I know this gallery I think! I usually go to Totnes about once a week (can't resist the Friday market), so will definitely check it out if I'm in the area.