Tuesday 28 February 2012

The Kitchen Mantel Piece/ Dumping Ground

It's quite a lot for one little mantel piece to take isn't it?

I'm wondering whether I could draw some parallels between our lives, my state of mind and this mantel piece in our kitchen.
For starters, it's not even properly fixed into place yet - hence the rather stylish holes around the edges.

Sometimes I get an urge and it all gets cleared and dusted and prettified... then gradually the clutter manages to move in again.  There is a sort of accidental bird/animal theme going on at the moment, with a Coco-made parrot, some paper plates made into peacocks (I did one and Coco did one, mines' at the front... shows what I thought of her effort)!
Pens in the pot on the rights with carved birds on, a card bird on the flowers, flying duck magnets on the cast iron.
And a giraffe, and a tiger puppet made an the imagination station in the V&A (which is fast becoming one of my favourite London Museums to visit with kids) and butterflies of course.

Along with the normal selection of pictures and very important documents that are shoved up there. Oh and things to be fixed, like the mini rolling pin.

So there you have it.
Maybe I'll get around to clearing it up tomorrow.

Still reading? Well here are some photos of the mantel piece from earlier in the month. And I guess, if your asking, no, I don't really have a life, but I do have a camera and I like to use it.

17th January 2012

2nd February 2012

13th February 2012

14th February 2012


  1. I wish I could make a jumble of things look that good, think it's the fact you have nice things to start with and kids, though their little creations aren't perfect in our grown up sense they are joyful, which is what your mess (hope you don't mind the use of that word) has that mine doesn't!

  2. Alexis, you made my day with this post! I feel that my life is just like your mantel piece right now... and now that I look at it, it is very charming and full of colors, and fun, and love... why not leave it the way it is?

  3. I love the top, most cluttered one most. Hope you're well x

  4. I love this! You should carry on this series over the months - one a month for a year. Do it!! xx