Wednesday 23 July 2014

A Holiday Scrap Book Kit

A holiday scrap book kit by Alexis at

For our holiday this year I've decided it's about time Coco and I made a scrap book.
I have to confess - I'm really looking forward to doing this and I really hope Coco gets into it too... (there is a danger she'll just draw rainbows and butterflies all over it).

We recently bought a little photo printer that we can take away with us, (it's a Canon Selphy - if you are interested and so far we are liking it), with a six year old it's worth doing things when they are fresh and also I think it will be a nice task at the end of the day to choose and print a photo to stick in our book...

I found the scrap books in Muji - I went for a classic large size book, big enough to stick in a piece of A4 paper but also couldn't resist a smaller one (this will be mine I think).

For the rest of our supplies I decided to do a little in-house shopping - ie go through my drawers and cupboards - I managed to find some pretty good loot!

A holiday scrap book kit by Alexis at

For sticking things in the book we are going to take washi tape - including this great map one, very on brand for a travel scrap book I think! I've had a washi-tape subscription from Papermash this year - Lynne's genius idea for getting some cash flow to her company late last year and I've been loving it! I get sent a different tape each month and Lynne goes to the trouble of a different kind of ingenious packaging each month too, I'm hoping she'll do it again next year.
There are some stripy paper bags that we can stick in and also a few translucent ones that I've had since my degree show. I've also popped a couple of paper clips and some of those butterfly clip things in for attaching things to the pages.

A holiday scrap book kit by Alexis at

I found these cut out stars stashed away which will be great for putting captions on - no idea where they came from. We also have Hugh's old watercolour kit, I took this away with us last year and remember thinking that I'd love to learn how to do watercolour properly... I'll probably feel the same when I start to try to use them this year!
The mini rubber stamp kit will be great for titles.

A holiday scrap book kit by Alexis at

I went through our wrapping paper scraps and pulled out a selection of small pieces that I just haven't had the heart to throw away!

A holiday scrap book kit by Alexis at

These old 1p stamps have been kicking around for AGES. We can use them to either make our own stamps or just decorate/make pretend postcards. Likewise I've had these speech bubble stickers for a long time - but it's time they got used for something good. The feather cut outs are left over from Coco's birthday and the purple ones from a Christmas project.
You can also just spot at the bottom some plain round Avery stickers we can colour in and some photo corners.
The Muji rubber stamp kit is a good one as has all numbers, punctuation and the stamp pads.

A holiday scrap book kit by Alexis at

And of course the stabilo cappi pens (best felt tip pens ever) - which pretty much come everywhere with us anyway.

I just need to add in some glue, printing paper and scissors; which I'm currently wondering about. We were planning/hoping to fly with cabin bags only (don't want to tarnish my 'light packing' track record) and obviously scissors are a big NO. Hmmm will have to think about that one.

Hopefully we'll have something good to share from this little lot on the other side!


  1. Looks fun. Where are you going on holiday?

    1. We are off to Sardinia! Doing a bit of traveling around - really looking forward to it.

  2. Feeling like a magpie looking at your little stash! Love it all, especially the map washi tape!! Looking forward to seeing the end result, hope Coco gets into it, fingers crossed :)

  3. Such a genius idea! (as always!) Was thinking I could buy a Fuji Instax Mini + do something similar with my niece and nephew. And re: scissors situation - buy them when you get there?