Tuesday 4 November 2014

Planning Bonfire Night

remember remember the 5th of november - bonfire night party - alexis at somethingimade.co.uk

We are in party planning mode as we are having a few of our neighbours over for a bonfire night party this week.
I've just lost a few hours on Pinterest making plans...

Bonfire night party planning - food - www.somethingimade.co.uk

Now my mouth is watering... we are going to make pulled pork (image via Delicious Magazine) with a nice crunchy slaw. We'll be using the our normal Jamie recipe to make mulled wine (image is of mulled cider which I might have to try another time).

For sweet treats I've finally convinced Hugh that we should make toffee apples - this amazing toffee apples image is via Miss Food Wise - I love the idea of using real apple tree twigs for sticks, I think we'll try the salted caramel toffee apples recipe from the latest issue of Simple Things Magazine, and if time allows I might get around to trying this treacle tarts recipe (via Bakingdom).

Before Coco went to bed this evening she went and delivered our invitations - we modified our board of autumn treasure from our trip to Kew last week and I added some type in...

Bonfire night party invitation - www.somethingimade.co.uk

I must say, having initially been so negative about the onset of autumn and winter I've actually really enjoyed the last few weeks... half term was great, Halloween bought an almost carnival type feel to our road and now we've got bonfire night and I'm tentatively starting to think about Christmas... although of course we've got Coco's birthday to plan first. Yep, autumn you're not so bad after all. 

PS I just had a little trip down memory lane reading my post from after our bonfire night party two years ago... time feels like it's going so fast. Too fast!

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  1. Hooray, glad you feel for its charms! I love that invite, that collection is truly amazing!