Friday 7 November 2014

Feathers. Just Feathers

I seem to be seeing feathers everywhere at the moment and I'm getting a bit obsessed. Instagram is full of them, as is blog land - Lou made a lovely feather garland for Seeds and Stitches, Heather made her daughter a feather crown. I (temporarily) got a feather tattoo.

We popped into the natural history museum the other day after school (as you do... there are upsides to living in the big smoke) and even though we were in the Volcano galleries the one 'fact' I came away with is that flamingo feathers are only pink due to the algea that they eat which is toxic and so seeps out and basically dyes their feathers pink. They had some flamingo feathers on display to illustrate this point. Which is basically the only reason I read it.

I want some feathers (and ideally not just pigeon feathers - which are the only ones the children seem to find)!

Feather Wall Art - Via Pinterest
Watercolours from SnoogsandWilde on Etsy
Fake Tattoo by Jen Mussari available from Tatly
Vintage Arrows - found on Etsy

Top image is a free downloadable from The Graphics Fairy.


  1. Ahhh feathers. We also have a glut of pigeon feathers. There is a family of peacocks living round the corner from us who roam our local roads, but I've never been lucky enough to find a feather from any of them. Meanies.

  2. Feathers are our favourite things to find! I've had a collection from a walk kept safe in my purse for a while now, keep on meaning to get them out, but they make me happy when I see them (instead of the rattling pennies)