Wednesday 24 September 2014

Styling the Seasons: September's Nature in the Home

Styling the seasons - September by Alexis at

It feels like summer and autumn are overlapping here. Cooler mornings, and darker evenings definitely yet still the sunshine in the afternoon warming my back. However I know summer is losing the battle, autumn has the stronger hold, the light is changing indoors, cutting in and shining horizontally much earlier in the day... plus we have bowls full of conkers and are cycling over fallen leaves in the mornings.

Today I decided to get my act together and join in with the Styling the Seasons challenge started by Katy and Charlotte. Our kitchen mantlepiece always reflects the goings on of the household, and unwittingly gives away the season too so was the obvious place to display the latest dahlia cuttings and the conkers together. But before I cleared away the general clutter and previous wilting flowers I had a little play with my new trays from Hay... I'm in love with these trays. They come in such great colours - I'm hoping that I can add to this mini collection, even though the last thing I need is more places to put clutter - but making clutter beautiful; surely there's something there...?

Dahlia's from the garden by Alexis at

Dahlia's from the garden and conkers too - by  Alexis at

So there it is; September on the mantlepiece - the dahlia's march on but the conkers creep in too.

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