Friday 12 September 2014

Yeah! I'm a T-Shirt Designer

my homemade graphic t-shirt by Alexis at

OK, I'm not a t-shirt designer, but I did make this t-shirt.
Well, when I say 'make' what I mean is a drew some triangles on it.

I've been meaning to do this for ages, mainly because:
1) I can't be bothered / don't have the time to shop
2) When I do shop I end up feeling completely overwhelmed by the choice which results in waves of apathy, angst and worry. Apathy - I don't know what my style is anymore, did I even ever have a style? If things are cheap & cheerful I have angst about the ethics of buying cheap, if they are expensive I worry about whether I'll get a good CPW (that's cost per wear - obvs!) or I still worry about the ethics and all the other things I should/could be spending money on, or my (lack of) pension etc. It's a fraught business.*
3) Then, if by some miracle I do find something I like, lets say for arguments sake, a graphic t-shirt with a bat* some triangles on it I think, "but I could make this myself" so then I can't bring myself to even buy the rare thing I do like...

So after a few fruitless shopping trips filled with all the above I bought myself a plain white cheap (angst!) t-shirt which has been lying in my drawer all summer taunting me, until finally last Saturday I dug out the pens I bought for Coco's crafting party and drew some triangles on it.

Now, I'm sure you can tell exactly how I made it, but I'm going to show you anyway. I'm a blogger, it's what I do - and I have dreams of one day having a Pinterest-worthy tutorial; you've got to have goals people!
So here you go... this is what I did...

making your own graphic print t-shirt by Alexis at

making your own graphic print t-shirt by Alexis at blog

There you have it!
The first of many... um, maybe? What do you think? The way forward or not?

 *Actually; don't fall too hard for my woe-is-me tale. I did manage to buy a few nice autumn things the other day. Autumn seems to be a much less angst-ridden shopping time for me.
** I really like Zoe Karssen's graphic t-shirts (not sure why, but I just do) however £60, for a t-shirt!? I know I might get my CPW but I can't quite bring myself to do it.


  1. That looks great. Definitely want to have a go! What kind of pen did you use? A fabric marker or just a plain old Sharpie?

  2. It looks great and I definitely think you should try out a bat one next!

  3. I love it! I'd been keen what kind of fabric markers you use too :)