Tuesday 9 September 2014

Walking Barefoot at Kew

One of the things we enjoyed a lot this summer was visiting the barefoot walk at Kew Gardens... We decided to go for a final visit last weekend; one last chance to get our feet dirty.

There is something incredibly therapeutic about discarding your shoes, rolling up your trousers and really feeling the ground beneath your feet - plus the landscaping of the walk is lovely (and is giving me quite a few ideas for our garden).

Summer is bare feet. Sand between your toes, wet grass sticking to your feet in the morning. Walking on tip toes when the ground is too hot. Summer is a chance to feel the earth under your feet. 

Look away now if you don't want to have to see lots more photos of my feet!

I'm going to take every chance I can now to walk barefoot. I don't want Summer to end.
Although... I do love winter boots.


  1. Ahh that looks so awesome!! I haven't been to Kew Gardens since I was a small child and went on a school trip! X