Tuesday 16 September 2014

Last Week: 7 Things from 7 Days

A long time ago I kind of had a go at doing a series... a sort of weekly round up of things we'd done - and I've decided to try to resurrect it. I think I've been missing doing the 52 project and having a nice weekly record to look back on.
So... for, quite possibly one week only; here are seven things from the last seven days... (in no particular order...)!

1. Henry met Theo! And I met Abigail. I've been reading Abigail's blog for ages and I always knew hoped that Henry and Theo would really enjoy meeting; so last Tuesday we made it happen. Henry and I went to Bristol for the day on the train (big hit with the boy of course, a BIG, FAST, train) and we had a great time mooching around with Abigail and Theo, we managed to pack it in... coffee/cakes, walking by the river (and finding this old sofa to sit on), the docks, picnic, the M Shed museum and naked running in fountains. It was a really good day.

2. My friend Ali is very good at getting me to go to things, you know - out there London things - like this immersive theatre production by Shunt called 'The Boy Who Climbed Out of His Face'.
It was great, it was a tenner.
If you can get yourself to North Greenwich in the next couple of weeks then go see it. I don't want to spoil it by writing a 'review' plus I'm not even sure how I'd go about writing a review... how can I tempt you? Um, it's in shipping containers and it makes you think about all sorts of things. Is that good enough?

3. At the weekend I went off for the day to hang out with a bunch of people I was at school with 20 years ago. I could write a lot about it - not sure how much sense it would make; there was a lot of laughter - but I kind of felt quite sad when I got home. Time & memories...

4. We went round for a play with my friend Nisia and her gang - a pretty much weekly occurrence, but it was our last chance to eat around this table - they are about to get the builders in... I think they'll be hanging around here a lot more for the next few months!
I took lots of photos of her house back here - it's lovely, take a look...

5. The last of the sweet peas for 2014... maybe?

6. ...And now my IG feed will be full of autumn; Henry and I came home to a huge conker haul on Tuesday. Coco and Grandpa were very busy while we were away.

7. Pulled Pork - we went to some friends for lunch on Sunday and they cooked pulled pork - served in buns with apple sauce and plenty of homemade slaw (I failed to take a photo). Now I'm looking forward to autumn and warming, delicious comfort food...

I 'may' try to keep this up for the next few weeks... I was planning on getting this up on Monday so already feeling like I'm not 100% committed, but we'll see. Good excuse to mess around with type and colour though... did you notice that?

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  1. Looks like you had a blast in Bristol. I went to University there and love going back (it's changed a lot since I lived there). Also loving the colour and type. I may have to try and join in with this 7 things in 7 days concept. Again that doesn't sound totally committed does it?? Lucy x