Sunday 22 April 2012

Coffee at Nisia's

I'm very lucky that there were quite a few of my good friends who had children at the same time as me. Nisia is a friend from college and her daughter Maja and Coco are only a month apart in age, plus we both have little boys who are only 2 weeks apart, add to that the fact that she lives 10 minutes down the road and you'll realise why we end up hanging out quite a lot...

So when another afternoon of rain was testing my patience on Thursday I popped over to Nisia's for a coffee. Zefi gave her a hand making it...

The house was looking so lovely when I arrived that I asked if I could take some photos - wasn't quite as tidy when we left; four kids playing inside for three hours... (sorry Nisia)!

Words are Nisia's thing - she is a published poet, this is her first collection on amazon. The picture above is one of her poems.

The sofa, that we somehow never quite get to sit on (but then I've always been a fan of a kitchen table).

Maja's bedroom; our friend Lou made the bunting, we are trying to get her to open an online shop; she also made Maja and Coco a quilt each.

The bathroom - Nisia has a knack for buying chairs! In fact, I'm amazed I've only managed to photograph a few... I'll have to try harder next time!

And of course I couldn't resist a shot of a on-the-way to being cluttered mantelpiece!


  1. Wow, all looks beautiful! You have a very similar style. Am going to clutter our mantelpieces sharpish!!

  2. Her house is gorgeous - love the blackboard corner, the bookshelves, the colour of the bathroom...

  3. Oh love this home so much! Lusho photo's too! Love that red chinese style cabinet. And yes awesome chairs... more pics please! lou xx

    1. I'm sure I'll be able to sneak more photos... I'm round there a lot - just got back from having a nice roast dinner in fact!

  4. Fantastic u must find my house so dull - she as an amazing eye but u know it's very similar to your style xxx

  5. Ooh this is lovely. I've got house envy!