Wednesday 18 April 2012

The Prolific Artist

We get through a lot of paper in this house (generally the discarded, already-printed-on-one-side variety I hasten to add).

Coco is quite a prolific artist. And I have trouble throwing things away. The few times I have managed to bring myself to throw away an artwork I've been caught out and they've been fished out again, often with a lament implying that there surely must have been some mistake.

So now we are photographing the artist with her work. This way we get to 'keep' an edited selection.

I'm quite pleased with this new plan - especially when it comes to collages, and specially especially collages including glitter.

I have to credit Leen with inspiring me to do this - her photo of her daughter holding up a drawing was my trigger.

*The prince and princess above were drawn on demand by my Mum so that Coco could colour them in. She's pretty good don't you think? My Mum that is.

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