Saturday 14 April 2012

Teenage Kicks

You know I keep everything right? I found a bunch of magazine pages that I used to have on my wall at school the other day - I used to have hundreds of pages from magazines torn out and I kept them to move them from room to room, (kind of similar to how I tinker with my space in this house now I suppose).

I just put them up with a bit of neon tape, which frankly is quite acid house - so in keeping with the era I think. I would have soooo loved washi tape back then.

It's quite a strange little selection that has survived tucked away in a manilla folder. Funny that in many ways my taste hasn't changed. I like snap-shot style images, caught moments, words, page layouts. Just putting these up now I noticed that the shots of the girl that it looks like I was obsessed were shot by Juergen Teller; a photographer that I've always liked, but I'm sure I wouldn't have recognised his name back then. The dart board is an old KISS fm poster from when it first became a legal radio station and the money is the £1,000,000 that the KLF set fire to.

This post is dedicated to my GREAT friend and fellow partner in teenage crimes EMILY (mother of George and Mila). Who is 36 today (which means I'm exactly 36 and half).
Every year we write in each others cards in shock that we've known each other for XX years… well now it's 20 years my dear friend, and those monumental teenage days and experiences; so much fun and angst are a long time gone, but yet… still us, still fresh.

While writing this I've been listening to The White Room by the KLF; one of the soundtracks to our teenage years. Two quotes (it's teenage habit that is hard to let go of; and a bit of a Emily/Alexis special - quoting lines from songs…)


"I hum this tune to all the girls I've know, should I care about the chances I've blown?"

Signing off, with a little tear in my eye. XX


  1. Oh Alexis, I'm glad I found someone as nostalgic as I am... I used to be anything but nostalgic, but the feeling hit me a few years ago and now it shows up in me quite often (has to do with growing "old" maybe...)
    It's fantastic that you kept these images. And isn't it good to have kept a friend from this period?
    Happy birthday to your friend Emily!

  2. I think I've always been nostalgic; but it can be slightly overwhelming nowadays... I'm almost nostalgic for things as they happen!

  3. I used to do this as well - stick pages from magazines up all round my bed. Don't think I've kept them, though I do have a big pile of magazines!