Monday 9 April 2012

Easter Egg Boxes

So my high hopes of Easter baking and crafting were thwarted by a poorly Henry.... but we were saved by the bell as my parents had Coco to stay for the night on Saturday so I quickly got to it on Sunday morning before they bought her home again...

Egg decorating on Sunday morning.
I'd had an idea to make Easter egg boxes - instead of buying traditional Easter eggs. I was imagining a mixture of chocolate and other treats hidden inside or under fake eggs.

A few of Coco's 'real' decorated eggs.

And one of the fake eggs which had chocolate hidden inside...

Coco's Easter egg box.

Two boxes of Easter eggs - one for Coco and one for my Mum and Dad, each box had four real decorated eggs and two fake ones (call me decadent).*

For my Mum and Dads egg box I used two of these metal hanging eggs which I found in a little shop in their village on Saturday... am hoping they go on sale and I can get a few more for future egg boxes (I'm already planning on recycling this idea for next year).

I think this might have to go down as the first of our family traditions... I'm quite into the idea of family traditions at the moment, got any good ones you want to share?

*Of course I'm not that mean and Coco did get a big chocolate egg too... it's bad, but sometimes I can't resist spoiling her.


  1. Oo I like your decorated eggs - they look fab. Is that wrapping paper glued on cleverly or how did you do it?! Another idea to lodge away in the good intentions dept of my head for next year...

  2. These eggs are so lovely! You are so creative and it always turns out beautiful! (I'm almost jealous ;-) )