Monday 2 April 2012

The Elusive Eight Hours & My Bedside Project

I think last night (and I'll whisper this, so as not to offend anyone) I got almost eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. 

That's not to say I feel as amazingly fresh and revived as I probably should.
But I do feel pretty GOOD.

I realise I should probably have made my bed before taking this shot but I'm grabbing ten minutes of blog-world time before Hugh starts work ... and this may also serve as a 'before' shot as I'm in the middle of a little bedside table & light re-design. Which makes it sound very grand.

Currently - 
Table: Ercol table, the middle of a nest, Hugh has the smaller one on his side and the larger one has our telly on downstairs*
Light: BHS from back in the day... the other one of the pair that I had is broken though
Wall paint: Sand II by Paint & Paper Library
Woodwork paint: Stone IV by Paint & Paper Library
Bed: Fat Fat by B&B Italia (a pre- married life and babies purchase)!
Bedding: Muji
Photos: Boots print outs of some instagrams

The plan is to make a bedside table/drawer and to get some wall mounted lights... and to introduce a bit more colour.
And now I've blogged about it; I'm going to have to make it happen!

*My Ercol table story...
I was considering buying another set of these tables but the prices have sky-rocketed since we got ours at the Criterion on the Essex Road. My Godfather is an 'antique' dealer; or rather more of an antique buyer, he doesn't often get around to selling much, and when we bought our first flat Hugh and I went to see him as he said we could have some furniture. He has a crazy, massive house. Totally unheated and full to the brim, in fact he has a barn which literally is piled high with stuff. He gave us some chairs which were retrieved from the top of the said pile by him and Hugh climbing up various other bits of furniture. Anyway, I spotted a nest of Ercol tables in the bath (a rather fetching pink bath in fact) and asked if we could have them; I was told 'no'. Obviously they had a purpose there. However a couple of weeks later I got a phone message from my Godfather while I was at work (he'd been quite rude to my colleague actually, when he couldn't get hold of me) informing me that there was a nest of Ercol tables in that week's auction at the Criterion and that he'd left a bid of £100 for them on my behalf!
Ah, the cheek... but, as you can see we got them and I'm very glad we did.

Can't resist another little story here... the first time Hugh met the Godfather, he couldn't quite believe it. He was sitting on a sofa that was COVERED in cushions and my Godfather explained that he'd got them in a charity shop somewhere and they were so cheap that he'd just had to go back and 'buy the lot'.  This became a catch phase for the day as everything Hugh enquired about, in a polite kind of way, the Godfather would just wave his hand and announce how he had a few more of them as they were so cheap he 'bought the lot'. This included vases, cutlery, chairs and as I remember, some sort of strange hand-made four inch high gollywog brooches. He is truly addicted to shopping.

So that is the story of my Ercol tables... and a small picture of my lovely, eccentric Godfather.

(Wow, this is a slightly longer post than I expected to write)
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Your godfather sounds awesome!

  2. Haha, I love the story of your Godfather, he sounds just like my mum! Love the Instagrams, gorgeous x