Friday 20 April 2012

My Book of 2011

If you've been around here before then you might know about my love of books and of documenting... well, everything (evidence can be found here).

Not surprisingly I'm quite a fan of a photo album and in a bid to get organised (or another way of putting it, in a bid to give myself yet another THING to do) I decided that from now on, at the end of each year, I'm going to make a album of the year.

Very simple, in chronological order.

Just showing what we got up to.

And to remind us of what life was like.

After all; what's the point in taking all these photos if I don't have a nice way to look at them every once in a while?

Now I feel like I've got to go back through the archives and make books for other years... I like rods for my back, obviously.

PS I made these with My Publisher (software ok + final product worth it!) Will probably use them again and want to give blurb a try too.

1 comment:

  1. WOW, that's impressive! So beautiful! I am totally jealous (and mainly of your skills and energy to do these things!)