Thursday 10 March 2011

Coco's bedroom

Am slowly doing the rounds in the house with my wide-angle lens so I can show you how we are living now... first up, Coco's bedroom.

The chest of drawers are painted in 'Bone' by Farrow & Ball - mainly as we had the paint spare to be honest, but I do love this colour - you'll see a bit of a green theme in the house - my eternal search for calm maybe!?
The rest of Coco's room is painted in 'Dimity' also Farrow & Ball.
I made the bunting for Coco's third birthday - shows a picture of her every month for the first three years.
The picture on the drawers was bought in Fowey in Cornwall last summer from a lovely shop called Bird. Just found it available online at Caroline McGrath.
Above the mantelpiece is a beautiful hummingbird paper cut by Claire Brewster that we bought Coco for her first birthday... (which means she'll be able to take it with her when she leaves home... hmm, might have to get another one)!

The mantelpiece is loaded with 'fiddle-faddles' as my Dad used to call my 'things'. Super practical older sister made the FIDDLE-FADDLE shelf way back in the 80's and originally painted it lipstick red...
It really is a dust trap for small things (see the taxi below) - and houses lots of pretty or sentimentally valuable treasures. Probably deserves a post in it's own right.
I made the 'C' and 'O' letters and covered them in paper somewhere back in the mists of time and I never got around to doing the five more that Coco needs to spell her 'big' name. Money box (under the 'O') was mine when I was little.
Green tree is actually a hook that needs putting up.
The photo is of me and my Mum when I was 18 months old - check out the 70's dungarees!

Books! It looks like there are lots here, but I feel like I've read them all 1000 times each.
Puzzles! and I've put the bits back in these 1000 times too.
The book ends were a present when Coco was born - good idea for a gift I think, there are some lovely ones around. We bought the boat ones on the mantelpiece.
And can you spot the lonely little fisher-price fireman?

Lovely ceramic letters from Shelf and a tiny box especially painted for us (in 'Breakfast Room Green') by one of my parents friends.

Our print of Uprisings by Kozyndan - I love this print, it maybe everywhere but it still makes me smile. Lots of little bunnies being tumbled by the great wave!
After the events on Friday (March 11th) in Japan, I may think a little differently about this print. It may not literally meant to be a tidal wave, but it now has a haunting resonance.
Wine box shelving - further intentions here - I want to paint the insides, and probably put a few more up too.

View from the doorway - you can see how close we are to the tube through the window.
The bed has a gorgeous quilt made by my friend, this also deserves its own post - and a better photo.
I must say I look at these pictures of Coco's room and all I can think of is all the things we still have to do.
I've cropped out the bare light-bulb - I really want a George Nelson Bubble lampshade, and can't quite bring myself to compromise on that one!
We still need to paint her window frame and the picture rail, also need to frame and hang some more pictures... but note, her blinds are up. Made with my own fair hand, and the matching cushion (domestic goddess - tick)!
We'll get there one day.


  1. Love your have quite a knack.I only wish mine looked half as good...BYW pal,

  2. Hi Alexis, I'm also a fellow BYW student. This networking thing really works doesn't it?!! Your home looks lovely, we'd love to feature it in out weekly "at home with" column if you are interested? Also wanted to ask, you say wide-angle lens, do you use a different lens for interiors shots versus close-up product shots??

  3. This bedroom makes me want to be a kid once again, with all the books and toys. I also love the bunting.

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