Tuesday 8 March 2011

Vintage Toys

I am attempting to do a 'house update' for the blog to show where we've got to in this rambling home renovation! It's coming soon, I promise. So I spent some time taking photos of Coco's room the other day and it made me realise just quite how many 'vintage' toys she has.
Now calling them 'vintage' makes me feel quite old - as in reality they were either my toys when I was little or Hugh's... so they are 30+ years old, which I guess does make them vintage, but I don't want to feel vintage. Anyway, I digress...

My parents kept a lot of my old toys, from the fisher price garage (remember that!? Surely everyone had one...?) to all my soft toys, which are probably the essence of unhygienic. The things that Hugh's mum kept seem more 'select' including a lot of puzzles which I can't quite believe still have all their pieces after four children. But the best thing about all of them is that Coco still plays with them. So most essentially, they still do the job but as a by-product they look quite nice too.

Two dolls in one. Oh, they were thrifty our parents weren't they? This little doll has two heads and then her dress is reversible, featuring some beautiful prints, very of their era!

I must have gone through a phase of labeling (start how you mean to go on, I say) as lots of my toys and books - especially the much loved Miffy ones, have my name on them in slightly determined handwriting.

Glad our parents saved us the boring task of traipsing around car-boot sales to find such treasures!

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  1. hello ... you are very beautiful antique toys: I also have a small collection and slowly put the photos.