Monday 14 March 2011

7 things from 7 days

This is what the last week has looked like for me...

1. We celebrated the first signs of Spring and some sunny weather with a trip to Kew Gardens. Coco collected some ‘Kew Treasure’ - I have told her many many times NOT to pick flowers... but my heart melted a little when she gave me this crocus.

2. I've been lusting after more sleep - little Henry has managed to get a lot for himself, but I'm still walking around like a zombie. Six hours of broken sleep just doesn't do it for me.

3. Veg planting; FINALLY IT'S HAPPENED. We've sown some seeds, lets hope we can watch them grow... As I write they are actually still sitting on the kitchen floor, almost feels mean to put them outside!

4. A Trip to the Tate that mainly involved coffee and shopping - not much art (except sunflower seeds) but I have to tell myself that that is the joy of living in London I can use a great art establishment as a coffee house. Stocked up on some good childrens presents too, including the Alice Melvin A-Z stamp set and a couple of books from their brilliantly curated selection, Where's the Cake? and Lemons are not Red.

5. Moo cards and stickers on the way!
Ordered some thank you cards from for all our baby-related gifts. Couldn't resist adding a moo sticker book to the order too.

6. When rain kept us inside I let Coco loose with some pots, a few straws and some soap...

7. I made my first 'mood board' as part of the Blogging Your Way workshop I'm doing. I've been having a lot of fun and making my fair share of mess... I'll be sharing more so watch this space!


  1. What an inspiring concept and what a great week! Just a quick hello from BYW. Nice to meet you :)

  2. Your week sounds blissfully happy. =)


  3. Another hello from BYW class. I really like your 7 things, your week sounds fun ;-) Still have my homework to do...


  4. Love your 'seven things' idea and your mood board looks very inspiring. I still have my moodboard to do - I have realised I don't have much that isn't 'online' to add...

  5. Your week sounds incredibly inspiring.
    Beautiful work. I use Moo often, I love the postcards they make there.

    Barbara of BYW

  6. sweet idea...short and simple diary
    what lovely photos capturing the events!

    cheers, dawn (a fellow byw student)

  7. I love this post! Great job!

    (fellow BYW student)

  8. This is a great idea. Makes me more reflective of my own week.

  9. Great idea. I love your 7 things & pics. What a great memory too.
    BYW student Laurie

  10. This is a really sweet idea, great job! (BYW student)

  11. love this post, what a fab concept. You've got me really inspired

  12. Great concept and adorable little ones!

  13. Hello from your ex classmate :

    I love this post idea. And it is really inspiring too. How you share your days, pictures, and memories with us...

    Sharing is caring :)