Monday 14 March 2011

When you can't help but pray...

I've edited my post from last Thursday.

Over the weekend, as the news has continued to emerge from Japan the more I've thought about how much of the beautiful art of Japan, like Hokusai's Great Wave, was born of living with the fear of earthquakes and tidal waves.

My cousin lives in Tokyo and he said that his office building "was just waving around like grass in the wind" - sitting here safe at home on what definitely feels like 'solid' ground, that somehow seems like a very poetic image. It's hard to even imagine the reality. I'm not even sure if I want to imagine what it must have been like and how grim the ongoing prognosis is. It's too scary.

My thoughts are with the thousands of people who have been effected. There must be a million individual stories that we'll never hear.

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