Wednesday 30 March 2011

Our Kitchen-slash-Everything

I'm (sort of) going against my better judgment in posting these pictures of our kitchen... in one way I feel it's a bit too unfinished - see to do list down at the bottom - and yet it is also our most finished room. I'm hoping that showing these might somehow motivate me to do that final push and finish/change those last few things that are begging to be done...

Originally this space was two rooms and where we have the glass roof and doors was a slightly dodgy 1990's extension with mean ivy-clad windows. The room where the kitchen is now was very dark and dingy.

Kitchen was made by a Andrew Macintosh - a local furniture maker who have a showroom just around the corner. The units are sprayed in a copy of Farrow & Ball Bone. Lights are Original BTC and the chandelier is by Flos. When Hugh and I moved into our old flat it was the first thing we bought... even before a sofa. Ah, those frivolous days...
The painting is by Sarah Bowman and gives us a glimpse of Cornish calm, we used the fantastic 'own art' loan scheme to buy it.

This is our only sofa - so when (when...!?) the sitting room is done we'll probably move it in there, but it is lovely having a sofa in the kitchen, so it would be nice to get another one. Someday. In fact this view shows a lot that needs doing or changing... sorting out the fireplace, replacing the kitchen door, getting rid of the old kitchen table and the filing cabinet, putting pictures up, the list goes on, and on.

To do:
  • Get our splash-back for behind the hob
  • Re-fit the fireplace, Hugh has stripped and repainted it but we need to decide on the new hearth tiles.
  • Get rid of horrid (but so useful) filing cabinet - need an elegant solution!
  • Get new kitchen table - this is a long way off... but... (and while we are at it a new sofa)!
  • Put pictures up
  • Sort our notice board, or somewhere to put all the paper/kids drawings/photos etc
  • Blinds for windows - need to choose fabric and make these...
  • Order and put up Original BTC Hector wall lights for under the glass
  • Replace kitchen door with a part glazed one so we get more light into the hall
  • Finish painting and draft exclusion, endless draft exclusion.

I've updated the 'our house' section to show some before and building works photos.

PS - a bit of a reality check! I took these photos a few weeks ago, and I don't think it's been this tidy since... behind me the counter is piled high, dishwasher needs emptying, the table is covered in mess. I was intending to go shopping today... but I couldn't find some vouchers I was hoping to spend so turned kitchen up-side-down, then gave up. Now blogging instead. In horrid track suit bottoms due to lack of clothes.


  1. First of all I want to confess that I am deadly envy you because you have a huge kitchen not to mentioned with large window that allow natural sunlight to come in... lovely!

    I also like the idea that you have working station corner (where the MAC is) at your kitchen. It is very cozy and practical too. Because for me when I blog or need idea.. I will be often to go to kitchen or fridge to find something to munch :)

  2. How exciting to have a new kitchen - I think it is the most exciting part of the house to redo. It looks great by the way!

  3. This looks great! This is what I dream of one day having at the back of our house. Love it.

  4. I would like to say, how clean is your kitchen? what an inspiration. I better get scrubbing.

  5. Your kitchen is beautiful! Well done! Love that there is so much light coming in and the texture of your dining table against the clean lines in the kitchen area. Lovely!