Wednesday 6 April 2011

Mothers Day Musings...

Sunday was the fourth Mother's day where I was one of the said creatures that are meant to be being celebrated...

But I'm feeling a bit behind.
Where is the motherhood crash course? I need a few catch up classes, something like:
- How to have patience.
- Reading aloud (my mind wanders and I end up yawning... especially when asked to read the current favourite Mr Men books)!
- Advanced patience
- Meal time pre planning - so you don't end up with a totally 'overtired' and hangry (hungry/angry) child*

*Yes I just used that term OVERTIRED - I hated it when my parents accused me of being overtired! Wow, I really am a parent, I don't need that crash course after-all.

This is the card that I made for my Mother on Sunday (yes I made it ON Sunday... last minute as ever)! Then we did this impromptu blue photo shoot - the card isn't one of my best, the picture in my minds eye was good, just didn't transfer so well. Annoying. Although it sometimes goes the other way and things turn out better than you imagined, so I'm happy to take the rough with the smooth.

Has anyone noticed that Wednesday is the only day I get to post nowadays!? Coco is at nursery until four... I get free day fever and I rush around trying to whizz through my to-do list... I pretty much always plan/hope that I'll get out and about; and for one reason or other am always thwarted! Today my camera battery was flat - and what's the point in going out without my camera? - that's the sort of crazy logic that I'm plagued with at the moment! Actually, it's only 10.15 - so there's still hope!


  1. Love the blue photos, especially the fact that Peter Pan is right below your card. It gives the picture a nice dreamy feel :) And the tulips are gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous photo, lovely composition!
    Have a sweet day!

  3. This photo is really beautiful.
    I am sitting in my studio reading over the incredible card you gave me at Liberty. Wow. I just love it. Thank you Alexis!!!
    ps. needing patience and feeling overtired...I can relate :)

  4. Flowers composition and lighting are superb!
    Thank you for sharing :) - Barbara