Thursday 7 April 2011

B is for Bicycle & Brompton

I LOVE this bike.
BUT - Should it stay or should it go?
It's not getting much use at the moment... (due to baby presence and the much more ugly, but useful, bike that has the rather essential child seat). If we sell it we could buy a tree for the garden, some wallpaper for the stairs, tiles for a fireplace - amazing how many times you can spend money isn't it?
And then I remember that I love it, and I want to take it on the Tweed Run and the Dunwich Dynamo (reality check needed)?
Urgh. I'm so not good at decisions.

This is one of many items that I'm having 'mixed' feelings for at the moment (wedding dress included).
The effort that I'm putting into thinking about them could have been spent 1000 times over on much more useful things too.

The bike in the picture is actually my FIRST Brompton bike (now on my third Cornflower Blue one). These photos were taken on the very first day I had it - way back in 2004. I guess that's the only time that you take photos of a bike, as there haven't been any taken since.

Those were the days; go buy a bike, tootle around the sights of London, grab a coffee at Borough and then back to the Kensington flat! A lot has changed in the last seven years...

Comments (and opinions) welcome!


  1. If you love it I say keep it. It will be no time until the kids are able to trike/bike/scoot along independently with you.

  2. Dear Alexis-I say keep the bike!! It looks like it's in great condition and you don't get that much when you sell something secondhand. you love it + you can always use it later (they grow up so fast).
    Love your kitchen pics doesn't look unfinished to me...very clutter free and lovely:)