Sunday 13 November 2011

Sunny Sunday At Columbia Road...

There are occasional advantages of having children waking you at the crack of dawn on a Sunday. Sometimes you just go with the flow, haul yourself out of bed, open the blinds, see its a gorgeous day and get out and enjoy it... which is exactly what we did today.

We headed across town for a little East London fix at Columbia Road flower market.

We were early enough to get coffee and bacon butties without having to queue.

This little dog had it's eye on Coco's pain-au-chocolat!

I snuck away while the others watched some buskers and did some window shopping... I might have popped into Ryantown... but mainly I was on the hunt for things in preparation for Coco's birthday next week.

We did part with some cash, in exchange for some bulbs and a couple of climbers for the garden... (Alliums, snow drops, bluebells and snakes head fritillarys).

The strange thing was that once we'd got back home, had lunch (and obviously faffed around a bit - my loved one is very good at faffing) we ended up planting the climbers in the dark and the bulbs are still sitting on the kitchen table. Not loving the short winter days. Gardening in the dark has a few advantages*, but having tried it, I'm not sure I'd whole-heartedly recommend it.
But we'll try to learn from the positive messages seen today...

*The main advantage to gardening in the dark is that you can't see the slugs, but then that could be seen as a disadvantage.

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