Tuesday 29 November 2011

Cupboard Love

In my quest for a clutter free (or at least clutter-tidy) home I'm always on the lookout for good storage...

So I was very happy to bring this cupboard home from Kempton market back in the Summer. I got to finally unpack boxes of china that had lain untouched for two years.

It also, usefully, has a hidden section, perfect for toys... and when the doors are closed the less attractive kid-related muddle is out of sight.

But the top two shelves are mine to play with...

Our Astier de Villatte and my jumble of tea-cups (as I mentioned back here, I have a little problem with teacups and mugs).

Of course the reality a couple of months later is that as much as I still love the cupboard, it is now overflowing with all sorts of random stuff (seen here) and the toys which are meant to be contained in the bottom section just spill out into the kitchen...
I just can't fight the clutter.

At least when I really need some peace and quiet I can shut the doors on these two as well.


  1. Looks wonderful in there - I can see why the little ones have made it their home!

  2. Ah ah! I need a cupboard for all the reasons you have one - especially the last one :)