Wednesday 23 November 2011

Look what's cooking

At this moment I'm waiting for this baby to finish cooking.

This is cabbage soup; doesn't sound very appealing I know (when we told my parents this is what we were feeding them when they stayed last year they nearly got in the car and went home again)!
But, trust me, this is a very hearty, warming and surprisingly meaty tasting bread & cabbage soup. In this case made with Cavelo Nero straight from the garden. Jamie would be proud.

It smells good. It's 9.15pm and after a very long day, which started soon after 5am I'm hungry.

PS Hugh is always encouraging me to do 'mini posts' as I get stressed when I haven't updated my blog (I'm still striving for the five-posts-a-week goal), and I was moaning about dinner not being ready... so this seemed like quite a good exercise in time filling blogging... although now the soup is ready it looks even more of picture than it did 10 minutes ago!


  1. I ate so much of thus soup when I was pregnant. Who knew wet bread, cheese and cabbage was the best food ever?

  2. Sounds delicious once you read past the bread and cabbage. I'd like to try this, will add cabbage to my shopping list and perhaps we should try growing some next year.

  3. It looks so good! I love soups and cabbage doesn't scare me :)

    My goal is a post at least every other day... not easy. Short posts are a solution that I've been using more and more. Anyway, I like the idea of capturing small moments of life, so it's perfect!