Tuesday 15 November 2011

Mug for a Mug

I really love mugs.

This is a new addition to my mug family.

I got it for my birthday after saying something like "There's a mug that's right up my street at Anthropologie" to Hugh. He dutifully went off and correctly identified it, which wasn't that hard, as I love a teacup just as much as a mug - not to do his achievement down too much!
He said he did hesitate before buying it as it was a little on the large side, which I concur... but now I'm just splitting hairs really.

It's designed by Molly Hatch and there are three other lovely mugs in the range (plus some vases I think from a bit of online research...) oh dear, can I resist buying more mugs, when clearly, unless I'm going to open a tea shop, I really don't NEED them?


  1. I love mugs too, I have to stop myself buying more all the time as there simply isn't room in the cupboard!

    And your apple cake looks yum, I'm hoping to have a go at baking it this week.

  2. Wow, that’s quite a selection! And I am just a little bit envious! Desperately want new mugs, and mismatched ones too. Ours are all the same boring Ikea ones. Really like the new one :) Have a lovely weekend!